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Northern ANI Mobile Labs provide increased flexibility for short-term or long-term projects anywhere in the world your project may be.

Upon project completion, the building can be stored, relocated to the next project site with ease or easily sold off as an asset. This is not possible with permanent structures.

Our mobile labs feature:

Turnkey Capabilities

  • One company for all your laboratory design, engineering, and lab installation needs


  • Built in a fraction of the time of conventional construction

Immediate Occupancy

  • Ready for use after installation. Plug and Play technology

Custom Designed

  • All units are built from the ground up to your exact specifications


  • Ensures proper instrument/equipment selection and procurement through Northern ANI or our Partners on 1 purchase order.


  • Change space according to varying needs


  • Move locations as needed. Our solutions can be moved by Truck, Rail and Ship with ease and in some cases by Air.

Multi-complex units

  • Several units can be combined to meet specific and/or growing needs


  • Units can be used on location as is. As an example the lab can stay on the trailer. No site building permits required. Further, in some locations, the mobile container can be dropped on the deck or on a bed of crushed gravel. Site prep and permitting are at a minimal. Reducing costs, delays and site headaches.

Remote Locals

  • Remote Locations create a challenge to find and co-ordinate all trades and materials to site. Site construction costs can easily balloon over and above budgets or conventional prices in populated regions.

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