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CSA  Consulting Introduction

CSA Global has been using field portable XRF (FPXRF) technology successfully in the minerals industry for over ten years in exploration, grade control and environmental applications. Our expertise in this field allows us to provide program design, data capture, interpretation of results and data management solutions for our clients as well providing FPXRF units for hire. CSA Global’s data collection, data management and GIS expertise provides an ideal platform to deliver support for training and ongoing assistance of FPXRF programs to the minerals industry. CSA Global has expert staff dedicated to FPXRF program design and management and to assist with any technical enquiries or the rental requirements you may have for an XRF instrument.

  • XRF is a well established laboratory technique for elemental analysis used all over the world. Recent advancements in this technology have allowed field portable XRF analysis at geochemical concentrations useful to the exploration geologist.
  • CSA uses Innov-X Handheld XRF units to assist miners, geologists and environmental scientists to save time and money by implementing on-site analytical programs. The units are highly versatile and able to analyse elements in solids, liquids, powders, cores, fragments, filters & films, and slurries.
  • Our Innov-X Handheld XRF units meet EPA Method 6200 for metals in soil, NIOSH Method 7702 for lead in air filters, and OSHA Method ID-204 for lead in air filters. The 8 RCRA Metals and Priority Pollutant Metals are easily monitored onsite.
  • CSA also offer a broad range of contract geochemical services to our clients including orientation surveys, mapping, drill sample analysis, grade control, baseline studies and environmental monitoring.
  • Given our expertise in geology we are able fully integrate the results with geological understanding.

CSA Consulting Details

Orientation Data Review

Purpose – to establish pathfinder element suites and/or lithogeochemical signatures for pXRF programs specific to a particular project.
Requirements – requires multi-element data relevant to XRF analyses and information on the project. The data must be in digital format and have been merged with relevant sample information if required.
Deliverable – summary memo identifying suitable elements for portable XRF analysis as pathfinders or as indicators of hydrothermal alteration, including relevant threshold levels.
Cost – $1,000 based on a single project.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP – un-calibrated)

Purpose – to provide a SOP tailored to the operation of a specific pXRF analyzer for a particular project, excluding calibration of the instrument.
Requirements – requires information on the specific analyzer to be used, the elements of interest (either commodity or established through orientation) and project details.
Deliverable – SOP document including equipment set-up, operating conditions, and QAQC protocols, as well as recommendations on suitable matrix-appropriate standards.
Cost – $1,000 based on a single analyzer and project.

QAQC Review

Purpose – to summarize the performance of a pXRF analyzer for key elements relevant to the project.
Requirements – digital quality control data for standards, blanks and duplicate analyses.
Deliverable – memo summarizing data quality and including recommendations for improvement as required.
Cost – $1,000 based on a single element of interest.

Orientation Study

Purpose – to establish pathfinder element suites, lithogeochemical signatures or alteration mineralogy for specific to a particular project where no pre-existing orientation data exist.

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Standard Operating Procedure (SOP – calibrated)

Purpose – to provide a SOP tailored to the operation of a specific pXRF analyzer for a particular project, including calibration of the instrument.

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On-site Training

Purpose – to train project personnel in data acquisition strategies specific to a particular project. Does not include operator training required for NRCan certification in Canada.

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Data Interpretation

Purpose – to provide interpretations of data from portable analytical instruments, appropriate map products and reports, either at the end of a project or periodically during a program.

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Data Management

Purpose – to provide either on-site or off-site management of portable analytical instrument data, including routine analysis of QAQC data, calibrations and custom export database files.

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Project Management and Sampling Services

Purpose – to provide turn-key management of field programs, including sampling by experienced field personnel, logistical services, on-site data management and “on-the-fly” interpretations of data.

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