Delta Mining & Geochemistry XRF Analyzer

Delta Mining & Geochemistry XRF Analyzer Introduction

DELTA Mining & Geochemistry Handheld XRF Analyzers provide immediate results to help determine the next course of action for the entire process – exploration, ore grade/process control, environmental sustainability. On-site detection of metals, minerals & contaminants. GPS-GIS-XRF for instant metal mapping, time and cost savings.

Delta Mining & Geochemistry XRF Analyzer Details


Olympus Innov-X Knows Geochemical Analysis

Our high-precision analyzers dramatically reduce testing times allowing hundreds more tests per day with significantly higher confidence in surface and near surface geochemical surveys. Our portable XRF analyzers measure 25+ elements per test, from Mg (12) to U (92), PPM levels to 100%.The real value arrives in the field, where the Geoscientist can now use the real-time, “Instant Geochemistry” delivered by the DELTA to postulate and start to make decisions about what the geology is doing under his/her feet and adapt the sampling and mapping program dynamically on-the-spot. Or, pre-screen samples to select the best and most appropriate samples for laboratory analysis. The ability to refine your sampling program in the field, real-time, means you can easily increase sample density and resolution instantaneously.

Selectable Beam Settings

Selectable beam settings are available for varying measurement objectives. A single-incident beam setting can be used for ultra-fast site screening with solid LOD performance across the periodic table. A single-incident beam setting can also be used for exceptional LOD performance for a group of elements such as heavy metals, transition metals & light elements, or to focus in on a particular element of interest such as Cr, Cd, Ni or Cu. And, for more involved analyses, multi-incident beam settings can be used to fully optimize measurements for exceptional LOD performance across the full elemental range or for user selectable elements. You have the ability to choose for your measurement objectives.

Two Beam Mining Results Screen on Handheld XRF

Two Beam Mining Results Screen on Handheld XRF

The DELTA line is designed to be easy to use and accurate – multiple calibration models ensure optimal on-site performance, even for challenging light element analysis. Make immediate decisions. Maximize your exploration budget. Contact your local representative for application specific capabilities including limits of detection and pre-loaded matrix optimized calibrations.

Data Management

Data Analysis

  • Qualitative identification of elements
  • Semi-quantitative analysis of elements
  • Moisture content corrections
  • Compton Normalization: “Internal Standard” for quantitative analysis without site-specific calibrations
  • Fundamental Parameters: “Standardless” for samples with high and low concentrations of several elements
  • Empirical Calibrations: Refine factory calibrations with user generated, site-specific factors (slope, y-intercept), including ore-matrix-specific calibrations
  • Combination Algorithms: Fundamental Parameters with Empirical for Light Elements & complicated matrices
  • Re-evaluate stored data sets with added elements, new parameters, models or calibration curves
Soil PPM Results Screen on Handheld XRF

Soil PPM Results Screen on Handheld XRF

Collect and View Data; Create Reports

  • Intuitive PC Software can be utilized to remotely control the DELTA analyzer in a benchtop configuration
  • Sort comprehensive analysis results, quickly create reports, view and export spectra


Data view: Mining Chart

Data view: Mining Chart


The DELTA Handheld XRF for Mining and Exploration

Olympus is the specialist manufacturer of portable geochemical analyzers for the global exploration and mining industry. Our comprehensive in-house expertise in utilizing technology for field geological scenarios sets us apart from the rest. The advanced analytical performance and broad element suite of the DELTA Mining and Exploration Handheld XRF means there is an Olympus field portable XRF for nearly any geological situation.

The Powerful Handheld XRF that Can Be Taken Anywhere

DELTA Handheld Analyzer, out in the fied

DELTA Handheld Analyzer, out in the fied

Get Fast Results for Immediate Action

Why Should you Choose Olympus DELTA Handheld XRF?

  • Specifically and purposefully designed instrumentation for infield mining and exploration uses
  • A specialist International Mining Group (IMG) created to focus solely on XRF and XRD analysis technology
  • IMG is staffed by experienced geological industry professionals who understand your business needs
  • Our commitment to long term partnering with exploration and mining companies- we stand by our technology and service over the long term


The International Mining Group Focuses On

  • Pioneering technological advancements and geologyfocused innovations
  • Advanced training programs and ongoing global support
  • Specialist commodity calibrations and development of innovative applications
  • Mineral-specific accessories
  • Comprehensive methodology development and data management solutions
  • Real-time data integration with GPS and GIS


The Xplorer Package: Mobile GPS-GIS Mapping Solutions for your XRF

Pioneered by the International Mining Group geologists, the DELTA XRF-GPS-GIS Xplorer configuration provides seamless connectivity between XRF and GIS for rapid targeting and real time decision making.

The outcome for the exploration geologists is time an cost savings, improved data integrity, and an integrated, automated data management and validation process. The ability to map, visualize, assess, and follow up on targets immediately has genuinely changed surface soil/sediment geochemical exploration methodologies for the better.

Field Portable XRF data is transferred wirelessly, and spatially registered in real time using industry-standard Mobile GIS and State of the Art Trimble GPS Hardware, in addition to GIS Software (ArcPAD or Discover Mobile).

  • The result is live geochemical mapping in the field for visualization, gridding, and contouring in GIS, leading to rapid, informed decision making
  • Seamless integration into powerful geochemical analysis software such as ioGAS for first class data validation and QA/QC
  • Reduces human error related to XRF data transfer, GPScoordinate merging, and GIS integration
Third Party Software (ioGAS/ ioHUB/ ArcGIS/ ENCOM Discover/ MAPINFO)

Third Party Software (ioGAS/ ioHUB/ ArcGIS/ ENCOM Discover/ MAPINFO)

DELTA Mining & Geochemistry XPLORER for Live Geochemical Mapping

DELTA Mining & Geochemistry XPLORER for Live Geochemical Mapping

Lead (Pb) GPS-XRF Map

Lead (Pb) GPS-XRF Map

The DELTA XRF allows immediate decision making, delivering massive dollar and time savings on exploration projects, especially in remote settings. The ability to easily increase sample density, dynamically in fill and refine targets while still in the field provides powerful project management to the exploration manager. This leads to faster drill-hole target generation increasing project development timeframes which ultimately leads to quicker finds. During the drilling phase, handheld XRF is used to identify and quantify mineralized drill intersections. This allows optimization of drilling and laboratory analysis expenditure and other resources during field programs.

Pinpoint Geochemistry: Xplorer Package

Pinpoint Geochemistry: Xplorer Package

The DELTA Everything You Need in Handheld XRF with State-of-the-Art Innovation

The New Generation DELTA Handheld XRF Analyzers are ergonomically advanced with a forward looking design incorporating the latest in electronics, components, and software technology.

The newly available DELTA X-act Count Technology can provide even better sensitivity and precision in faster time for more materials than before. Throughput is increased with the same or better precision in half the time for most elements.

Features and Benefits of DELTA Mining & Geochemistry Handheld Analyzer

Features and Benefits of DELTA Mining & Geochemistry Handheld Analyzer

The unique DELTA Docking Station frees you from having to power down the analyzer. The station charges the analyzer battery and a spare, and performs periodic calibration checks. DELTAs can be operated 24/7 in the field with hot swap battery replacement.


The DELTA series handheld XRF analyzers are configured with powerful miniature X-ray tubes, Si-PIN, or highly advanced Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) detection, specialized filters, and multi-beam optimization for the ultimate in XRF field analysis.

The DELTA Line

The DELTA Line

The DELTA Premium with advanced 40kV tube and large area SDD detector is best for ultra quick, analytically demanding applications, such as trace levels and light elements in low alloy steel, soil, mining, and metallurgical samples.

The DELTA Professional with a 40kV tube and SDD detector is the best value solution from Olympus for handheld XRF analyzers. It provides superior performance in speed, LODs, and elemental range.

The DELTA Classic Plus with a 40kV tube and Si-PIN detector is ideal for simple applications. It provides quick ID, screening, sorting, and elemental and metals analysis.

The DELTA Mining & Geochemistry Specifications

The DELTA Mining & Geochemistry Specifications

DELTA XRF Configuration

DELTA XRF Configuration

The DELTA brings the power and flexibility of handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to the field. Ruggedized and ultra portable, this dramatically fast 24/7 technology provides accelerated testing times, allowing for hundreds more tests to be conducted per day with analytical confidence. The DELTA series analyzers are configured with powerful miniature X-ray tubes, Si-PIN detectors or highly advanced Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD), specialized filters, and multi beam optimization for the ultimate in XRF field analysis. The DELTA’s real overall value is to help make decisions in real time with minimal reliance on off-site laboratory testing.

Software & Accessories

Standard Accessories

  • Waterproof Carrying Case
  • Two (2) Li-ion Batteries
  • Electronic User Manual and User Interface Guide and Printed Quick Start Guide
  • Docking Station
  • Mini USB Cable
  • 316 Stainless Steel Calibration Check Reference Coin
  • Ten (10) Spare Windows
  • Integrated Wrist Strap
  • DELTA PC Software
  • Factory Authorized Training & Support


Optional Accessories

  • XRF WorkStation for mobile benchtop use
  • Soil Foot facilitating hands-free In-sltu testing
  • Soil Extension Pole offering ergonomic In-sltu testing while standing/walking
  • Belt Holster


Mineral Exploration and Mining Applications

Field experience has shown that there are several very important considerations for the successful implementation of any portable XRF program: 1. initial orientation survey; 2. testing times; 3. sample representativeness, homogeneity, and sample prep; 4. site/sample specific calibrations; and 5. a solid QA/QC program which includes the testing of blanks, certified reference materials, and performing confirmatory lab analysis.

  • Base metals: Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, Mo
  • Gold, including pathfinders and litho-geochemistry
  • Uranium +/- rare earth elements; pathfinders
  • Nickel Sulfide and Laterite deposits
  • Iron Ore and Bauxites
  • Rare Earth Element (REEs) such as La, Ce, Pr, and Nd
  • REE pathfinders including Y, Th, and Nb
  • Phosphates and potash
  • Epithermal Sn, W, Mo, Bi, Sb deposits
  • Mineral sands- Ti, Zr
  • Coal, oil and gas
    — Mud logging and trace element chemistry

The Business Case for Portable XRF for Exploration, Mining & Metallurgical Processing

Mineral Exploration, Innov-X analyzers enable:

  • Due diligence during property acquisition
  • Qualitative chemistry of rock, chip, soil, and sediment samples at the early regional reconnaissance and mapping stages
  • Quantitative data during first pass regional soil, sediment, till, and trenching stages
  • Immediate identification of mineralized trends and anomalies, definition of drill targets, extension of soil sample lines
  • Adaptation of sampling and mapping programs in real-time to maximize exploration budgets
  • Pre-screening of samples to maximize efficiency of off-site laboratory testing
  • Increasing sample density in the most prospective areas
  • Analysis of air core, RAB, RC and diamond core samples during the drilling phase as the samples come out of the ground


Delta in Soil Foot

Delta in Soil Foot

Mining and Metallurgical Processing

Portable XRF can provide productivity increases through on-site, immediate geochemical analysis results. Make decisions on the spot.

  • Instantaneous screening of blast hole samples in open pits allows for more efficient movement of ore/waste material by reducing the reliance on the turnaround time from the mine laboratory
  • Field analysis of stockpiles assists rapid blending and feeding to the mill
  • Real-time analysis of feeds, concentrates, and tails allow immediate dosing adjustments to be made in the processing plant
  • Underground grade control can be improved in certain settings by establishing sampling and analysis methodologies that involve DELTA portable XRF. Innov-X XRF’s aid the decision making process at the underground face in many underground mines around the world on a daily basis
  • Sample and matrix specific calibrations are usually required for mine-site applications. The DELTA is designed to be very easy to set up and use with multiple calibration models to ensure optimal performance – even for challenging light element (Mg, Al, Si) analysis
DELTA for Grade Control

DELTA for Grade Control


Olympus Innov-X analyzer measuring for field archaeology.The field of geo-science includes discovery, safe use, and sustainablity of valuable land resources. This includes the safety of food sources with the growing demand for peri-urban farming and precision agriculture. The DELTA handheld XRF allows for rapid determination of toxic metals introduced to the soil and water as herbicides or pesticides, such as As and Pb, as well as correct placement of nutrients and fertilizers, such as Ca, Mg, P & K. It also includes the use of handheld XRF by geologists to determine the history of soil layers indicating events that have occurred throughout geological time. The DELTA XPLORER is ideal for this research as it allows for high intensity soil analysis in the field with results obtained and spatially modeled on-site.

Mining & Ores

  • Iron Ore – Quickly analyze iron rich ore with Xpowder’s Reference Intenstiy Ratios to automatically generate quantitative compositions of the samples even when certain phases are completely absent – quartz, hematite, goethite, magnetite & more
  • Calcite in Coal – Quantify calcite (CaCO3), a mineral identified as reducing the efficiency of the raw material fuel in a coal-fired plant, to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
  • Potash – Analyze potash for phase identification and semiquantitative analysis of identified minerals such as sylvite, halite, langbenite and leonite. For further refinement, Sietronics Siroquant is available
  • Limestone & Cement – Easily perform quantitative analysis of common minerals associated with limestone – alpha-quartz, asbestos minerals, calcite, dolomite and more. In cases where the quarry contains various levels of dolomite, the BTX quickly determines this mineral in the range of 0.50 to 9.0% with an error of only 0.02%.


For more information on the Delta Mining & Geochemistry Analyzer please visit our Knowledge Center.

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