ReporteR RAMAN Analyzer

ReporteR RAMAN Analyzer Introduction

The ReporteR weighs less than 1 lb, and meets demanding Mil Spec 810G for waterproof, dustproof, shockproof ratings. On-board spectral libraries are configured to quickly identify many unknown compounds. A perfect combination of ruggedness and performance for many in-field applications.

ReporteR RAMAN Analyzer Details


The Smallest, Toughest Raman Analyzer on the Planet

The ReporteR is a miniaturized, lower power version of the Inspector 300. It operates at 120 mW of laser power. Truly a palm-sized device, it also meets MilSpec 810G standards for waterproof, dustproof and shock resistance. It features similar Raman functionality as the Inspector 300, but in a lower power laser (120 mW). The ReporteR – and the specialized Pharma ID – is designed for specific verification or chemical identification situations where miniature size, low cost and field ruggedness are mission-critical. For many compound identification applications, the basic ReporteR platform offers something unmatched by the competition: excellent analytical performance, packaged at the size of a TV remote, meeting warfighter military ruggedness specs, at a fraction of the cost of other Raman units.


• Ultra lightweight: At only 0.8 lbs, take it anywhere in the palm of your hand.
• Tamperproof: Set up the ReporteR in the lab with NuSpec, and send the unit into the field with secure libraries and compound identification criteria. Protect the chain of custody!
• Built for fieldwork: The Milspec 810G rating makes the unit virtually indestructible and waterproof. Wash it down after testing hazmats, illicit drugs or potential threats.

Well Connected

Hi-Speed Recharge Port.

Mini USB Port-  For fast data throughput and alternative charging source.

Secure O-Ring sealed water tight I/O compartment- Because you don’t always work in nice weather – Because you demand dependable, durable analytical tools.


Straight, Right Angle, Vials


RAMAN Handheld ReporteR Specifications

RAMAN Handheld ReporteR Specifications


Quality Control, Process Plastics: Different formulations of plastic materials have proliferated, as have the regulatory requirements for verification. The SciAps Raman family of analyzers let you avoid placing all your faith on material certs, while removing the time and on-going expense of laboratory testing.

Recyclers: Imagine testing a delivery truckload on-the-spot, to verify the type of plastic. And testing pieces from all locations in the truck – at the bottom of the load in addition to a few “representative” samples from the top. The SciAps analyzers put the power of instant material sorting in the hands of virtually any level of operator regardless of technical background.

The Inspector and Reporter are great tools for recycling facilities. There are often significant price differences between different grades of plastic. Or mixed material can be quickly separated into specific grades for order fulfillment. Both the Reporter and Inspector offer very cost effective sorting solutions. The Reporter is ideal for smaller facilities, that typically encounter the most common 25-50 types of plastic. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and highly shock resistant, making it a great tool for a typical recycling operation.

  • Test suspicious drugs in the field
  • Law Enforcement
  • Haz Mat

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