Inspector 300 RAMAN Analyzer

Inspector 300 RAMAN Analyzer Introduction

Our mid-range model features a 300 mW laser, higher resolution CCD detector, powerful internal processor with color touchscreen controls. The Inspector 300 is the best choice performance/price for the widest range of compound analysis and best limits of detection.

Inspector 300 RAMAN Analyzer Details


The Workhorse of Raman Analyzers

Our most applicable Raman analyzer is the Inspector 300785nm. It offers the widest range of compound identification. In addition, our purpose-built ReporteR or Pharma ID models are perfect for more basic material identification and verification. The sophisticated Inspector 5001030nm is called on for applications where samples produce a high level of fluorescence. SciAps is the only Raman company that offers this range of price and performance options.


Put Disruptive, Powerful Materials Identification in Your Hands

The flagship Raman analyzer is the ideal unit for in-field operation. It features an ergonomically designed shape, and a comfortable hand-strap unlike competing models. It is a rugged, field hardened and wide-ranging analytical package. Take it anywhere — the field, the factory floor, a warehouse, loading dock or lab.

Raman Inspector 300 Data

Raman Inspector 300 Data

The Inspector 300 is optimally configured to balance size, speed, power and recognition of a range of compounds for analysis. It operates at the laser wavelength of 785 nm, yielding a strong Raman signal compared to higher wavelength Raman units, thus exhibiting the best performance for most samples (the 80-90% of the universe that doesn’t suffer from high fluorescence). The Inspector 300 features a powerful 300 mW laser and high resolution CCD detector – built to be the workhorse of the family.

Key Features

• Powerful: The 300 mW laser means it’s one of the most powerful handheld Raman’s ever built.
• Lightweight: At 3.7 lbs, it’s easy to carry while testing samples for an entire day.
• Temperature-controlled CCD detector: The analyzer remains stable throughout hours of testing in the field, in the warehouse, on the factory floor or at the lab.
• Thumbwheel control: incredibly easy to manipulate and operate single-handedly, for all types of users, with or without gloves.
• Powerful processing: Fast, accurate matching to stored compound spectra and sophisticated statistical models provide results within seconds.
• Report generation: Create reports on the spot or download data instantly with WiFi and/or USB connectivity.
• Good mechanics: The Inspector 300 is equipped with a vial holder, a novel 90-degree sample tester ideal for bagged samples, and a point-and-shoot adapter, allowing for easy testing of virtually any sample type. The point-and-shoot adapter is user adjustable to sample depth, allowing easy adaptation to thick or double-bagged samples, or sample bottles.


Inspector 300 Specifications

Inspector 300 Specifications


Quality Control, Process Plastics: Different formulations of plastic materials have proliferated, as have the regulatory requirements for verification. The SciAps Raman family of analyzers let you avoid placing all your faith on material certs, while removing the time and on-going expense of laboratory testing.

Recyclers: Imagine testing a delivery truckload on-the-spot, to verify the type of plastic. And testing pieces from all locations in the truck – at the bottom of the load in addition to a few “representative” samples from the top. The SciAps analyzers put the power of instant material sorting in the hands of virtually any level of operator regardless of technical background.

The Inspector and Reporter are great tools for recycling facilities. There are often significant price differences between different grades of plastic. Or mixed material can be quickly separated into specific grades for order fulfillment. Both the Reporter and Inspector offer very cost effective sorting solutions. The Reporter is ideal for smaller facilities, that typically encounter the most common 25-50 types of plastic. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and highly shock resistant, making it a great tool for a typical recycling operation.

  • Raw materials verification
  • Chemical and Haz Mat Site Evaluations/Forensics
  • Manufacturing Process material validation (Food additives, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, mining)
  • Academic Research and Lab Studies
  • Geochemical

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