Advantage Series RAMAN Analyzers

Advantage Series RAMAN Analyzers Introduction

Facilitate research and development, and quality control in academic and industrial markets in over 30 countries around the world. Designed for analyzing solutions, gels, powders and a wide range of solid materials, Advantage bench top systems feature DeltaNu’s patented Free Space Optical Design and incorporate FSX technology to deliver highly reproducible, repeatable Raman spectra.

Advantage Series RAMAN Analyzers Details


High performance, low-cost Raman spectrometers

Because selecting an optimal laser source is vital to successful Raman applications, the Advantage series offers four standard choices: 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm or 1064 nm, as well as additional wavelength options. Accessories and sampling attachments are also available for these systems.

Advantage 532

The Advantage 532 has a higher signal-to-noise ratio than other Advantage series spectrometers. Signal-to-noise improves as a function of λ-4, meaning that a 532 nm excitation produces signals that are nearly five times greater than 785 nm excitation.

Advantage 633

At less than 3 mW laser power, the Advantage 633 is a Class I system, ideal for teaching students the fundamentals of Raman spectroscopy and polarized spectra with the polarization option. (640 nm also available)

Advantage 785 Near Infrared (NIR)

The Advantage 785 is our most popular NIR system. Fluorescence usually stems from minor impurities that absorb the laser excitation and emit at the same wavelengths as Raman scattering. This system greatly reduces or eliminates competing fluorescence found in samples using visible excitation. The Advantage 785 comes with a library of over 1200 materials. (808 nm also available)

Advantage 1064

The Advantage 1064 features the longest wavelength excitation available in a dispersive Raman spectrometer. This system reduces analysis time to seconds when compared with FT-Raman and features extremely low-cooled InGaAs detection at -60°C. (-90°C option available).

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