BTX Benchtop XRD/XRF Analyzer

BTX Benchtop XRD/XRF Analyzer Introduction

The BTX Benchtop XRD System is a fast, low cost, small footprint, benchtop XRD for full phase ID of major, minor and trace components and quick XRF scan of elements Ca – U. Its unique, minimal sample prep technique and sample chamber allow for fast, benchtop analysis rivaling the performance of large costly lab units.

BTX Benchtop XRD/XRF Analyzer Details


The BTX Benchtop X-ray Diffraction/X-ray Fluorescence is, simply put, the first combined XRD/XRF instrument designed with ease of use in mind. From educational settings, to the rigors of a QC application, BTX is well suited. Based on the filed proven reliable design of Terra, our field portable XRD/XRF instrument, BTX features the same level of performance, but without the aspects of a portable instrument. The technology used in the portable rock and mineral analyzer received a prestigious R&D 100 award and was chosen to fly on the Mars Science Laboratory Rover scheduled for launch in 2011. Check out the NASA site for more.

The BTX is a compact combination XRF/XRD system designed for powder analysis. Now XRD work can really be done in an easy to use, small footprint, low cost configuration. With the BTX patented sample handling system, not only is sample preparation time minimized, but accuracy in peak identification previously only available using large and expensive laboratory based systems can now be achieved.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Self-contained instrument
  • Very simple sample preparation
    • loose powders (~20mg of sample)
    • sieve sample to <150µm
  • Easy to use, single button operation
  • True 2D powder XRD instrument
    • provides image of XRD pattern
    • See particle influences or preferred orientation
  • Energy discrimination X-ray detector
    • Eliminate Fluorescence, scatter and other background
    • XRF spectral data for pattern confirmation


XRD/XRF - BTX Benchtop Analyzer

XRD/XRF – BTX Benchtop Analyzer

BTX direct excitation CCD camera results

BTX’s unique direct excitation CCD camera provides performance previously found only with lab based XRF/XRD instruments

Easy Sample Preparation

Loading the vibrating sample holder

Loading the vibrating sample holder

BTX Sample Holders

BTX Sample Holders

Typically, XRD experiments require a finely ground sample which is then pressed into a pellet. This requirement is formed by the need to ensure sufficient random orientation of the crystals in the sample. BTX introduces a patented new way of addressing this issue. With only 15 mg of sample, BTX convects the sample with its integrated sample vibration chamber. By doing so, BTX is able to present all different orientations of the crystal structure to the instrument optics. This results in a superb XRD pattern, virtually free of problematic preferred orientation effects found using more classic preparation methods.

The BTX is a small, low cost benchtop combined XRD-XRF system. It is easy to use and has an overall low cost-of-ownership offering fast analysis of a variety of sample types – pharmaceuticals, agriculturals, hazardous materials, minerals & ores, petrochemicals and more. The BTX’s high quality data and speed of analysis delivers quantitative real-time compositional chemistry in a small benchtop configuration.


BTX Benchtop Specifications

BTX Benchtop Specifications

Software & Accessories

BTX Benchtop Search/Match & XRD Quantitative Analysis Software

The BTX is configured with the necessary software (XPowder) for processing the resulting X-ray diffraction data. This includes the AMSCD mineral database. Should the user wish, XPowder provides the ability to use the ICDD Powder Diffraction Files (PDF).

BTX Benchtop Phase Analysis Report

BTX Benchtop Phase Analysis Report

For quantitative analysis, XPowder comes complete with Relative Intensity Ration (RIR) quantitative analysis methods as well as full pattern analysis tools. Further, BTX provides XRD pattern data in a variety of file formats making XRD pattern interpretation in other third party programs easy and available.

BTX Benchtop XRD pattern data

BTX Benchtop XRD pattern data

BTX XRF Analysis Software

BTX XRF software simultaneously processes the sample data to determine and label present elements, calcium (Ca) through uranium (U), by energy (keV). The relative intensity can be used for semi-quantitative results.

BTX Benchtop Qualitative XRF Scan

BTX Benchtop Qualitative XRF Scan



  • Rapidly ID counterfeit pharmaceuticals
  • Fast, non-destructive fingerprinting of drug formulations & precursors
  • Test for presence and quantity of active and inactive, foreign or substitute ingredients
  • Fast XRD screening ensures patient safety and safeguards legitimate pharmaceutical manufacturers’ branding



  • Quickly & easily check feed & fertilizer formulations and metal content
  • Ensure labeled ingredients match actual content
  • Quantify amending (active) ingredients, inert ingredients and forms (compounds)
  • Confirm gypsum & lime content
  • Minimize financial penalties by assuring manufacturer & regulatory tests are within investigational allowance



  • Rapidly ID dangerous hazardous materials for local & global security
  • Identify explosives, fusing materials & accelerants
  • ID & quantify suspected hazardous materials: azide’s PETN, black powder’s KClO3, KClO4 & KNO3, flash powder’s KClO3 & cascandite
  • Quickly identify asbestos containing insulation
  • NIOSH & EPA XRD Methods for chrysotile identification


Mining & Ores

  • Iron Ore – Quickly analyze iron rich ore with Xpowder’s Reference Intenstiy Ratios to automatically generate quantitative compositions of the samples even when certain phases are completely absent – quartz, hematite, goethite, magnetite & more
  • Calcite in Coal – Quantify calcite (CaCO3), a mineral identified as reducing the efficiency of the raw material fuel in a coal-fired plant, to improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
  • Potash – Analyze potash for phase identification and semiquantitative analysis of identified minerals such as sylvite, halite, langbenite and leonite. For further refinement, Sietronics Siroquant is available
  • Limestone & Cement – Easily perform quantitative analysis of common minerals associated with limestone – alpha-quartz, asbestos minerals, calcite, dolomite and more. In cases where the quarry contains various levels of dolomite, the BTX quickly determines this mineral in the range of 0.50 to 9.0% with an error of only 0.02%.



  • Mudlogging – Perform mineral ID and quantification on shale cuttings for rapid feedback at drilling sites – simplify “chasing the vein” of a given mineral strata
  • Pipelines – BTX Smart Sense allows optimum peak-to-background performance to identify and quantify corrosion materials on pipelines; simultaneous XRF measurements give rapid identification of elemental constituents


For more information on The BTX Benchtop System please visit our Knowledge Center.

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