Z Scrap LIBS Analyzer

Z Scrap LIBS Analyzer Introduction

Better, Faster Scrap Sorting:  Z-100

The Z-100 is the ideal analyzer for metals recycling.  It offers blinding speed on the low atomic number elements including Mg, Si, Al, Li and Be – elements that HHXRF either measures slowly or not at all. It also delivers the speed and analysis capability on nickel alloys, stainless and other high temp alloys that you’ve come to expect with handheld analyzers. The Z offers the performance on aluminum and copper alloys of mobile OES, with the portability and high temp alloy capability of handheld XRF.  And unlike mobile OES systems, the Z-100 is a truly handheld analyzer, the size of a power drill, weighing approximately 4 lbs.

Still using a benchtop OES for aluminum, copper scrap sorting? Go handheld with the Z-100 and sort it in seconds.Have a need for speed on aluminums that your HH XRF can’t deliver? Try the Z-100 and sort everything fast.

Z Scrap LIBS Analyzer Details


The Z is based on a well-established technology called laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).  LIBS has been in use for more than 20 years as a benchtop and laboratory technique.  SciAps has brought the technical expertise to miniaturize LIBS technology — what we call LIBZ — as well as decades of market knowledge and an unwavering dedication to customer support.  The result is a portable, rugged, incredibly easy to use analyzer with so many advantages over older technologies.


Speed for Every Alloy

LIBZ offers fast sorting for virtually every alloy. Every test is quick – seconds — whether it’s an aluminum alloy, stainless, or high temp. It measures as low as 0.05% Mg in 2 seconds, allowing for fast sorting of Al alloys like 1100/6063, 3000’s, and foundry alloys. And it maintains that speed for your stainless and high temps.   A major benefit is the testing time is equally quick for nearly every alloy type. The Z can therefore be used by any skill level of operator because it eliminates the guesswork of variable testing times. And because it’s equally fast on everything, it offers the highest throughput and therefore the highest productivity – critical in most recycling facilities that handle everything from aluminum and copper alloys to high temp alloys.

Test Alloys & Elements you can’t Measure with Other Handhelds

LIBZ measures many low atomic number elements including Li, Be, B, C that can’t be measured with any other handheld analyzer. Beryllium coppers are easy distinguished, as is increasingly common lithium-containing aluminum scrap. Boron doped nickel alloys – no problem.

No Regulations, No Government Inspections

The SciAps LIBZ features an eye-safe laser, no radiation.  It is an approved Class 1M – identical to a laser pointer.  There are no state regulations, no costly or time-consuming registrations, no safety training or record keeping. Compare this to the eye-safety concerns of other Class 3b LIBS units, or the cost and administrative burdens of an x-ray device.

No Fragile Silicon Detectors

LIBZ uses optical light, not x-rays.  Behind the front aperture is a thick, quartz window –impenetrable by scrap or turnings.  Optical and UV light easily passes through the transparent quartz, allowing the light to be piped to the back of the analyzer into a spectrometer.

Productive, Safe Testing for any Sample, by any User

Operators can safely test turnings or other small sample pieces by holding the material in front of the analyzer. There’s no x-rays, no safety hazard at all. There’s no exposure risk to your fingers or hand.   And, there’s no risk of breaking an expensive detector. You do NOT need a test stand, an interlocked cover/shield. Simply grab the piece, hold it in front of the analyzer window and pull the trigger. The Z does not require sample holders or shielding, and therefore magnifies productivity when you’re doing small pieces or turnings.

Safe testing for any sample, by any user

Sample testing

Print and Email Results Immediately

Z and The Android SHARE Feature

Tap the icon and the analyzer shows any connectable device via Bluetooth or wireless. Pick a device to immediately share data. For example, you can instantly create and print a sample test report in PDF format on a wireless printer or send the result to your Smartphone or other wireless device to email it anywhere. You may also download a range of results and spectra – a day or week of testing data or a specific range of test results. Results may be shared with your phone, tablet or PC for off-line analysis during travel.

Instantly print reports to a wireless printer via Bluetooth with LIBZ

Instantly print reports to a wireless printer via Bluetooth

Google Android Powered LIBZ
The Ultimate in Compatibility and Connectivity

Defy the software obsolescence of other analyzers! Google’s Android platform delivers a world of data sharing, App compatibility, and connectivity to other devices unprecedented in portable analyzers. Test results can be instantly synched with mobile devices and sent globally. Data can be seamlessly uploaded to other devices for analysis or warehousing.

For more information on The Z Scrap please visit our Knowledge Center.