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Trade in your Isotope XRF for a Tube based XRF

Portable XRF technology started with Isotope based XRF instruments well over a decade ago. Since this introduction XRF technology has made significant advances. One of the most significant advancements has been the migration to miniature X-Ray tubes sources.

Why has the rest of the world started using Tube Based XRF:

  • Tubes are Faster
  • Tubes are Safer
  • Tubes are Greener
  • Tubes are analytically superior
  • Tubes allow you to test more materials
  • Tubes can detect lighter elements (Al, Si, Mg, etc.)
  • Travel with Tubes is not restricted
  • No Radiation Safety Officer Required
  • No Radiation Safety Program and Reporting Required
  • Tubes are less expensive
  • Isotopes are Obsolete

Based on this criteria Innov-X felt it was irresponsible and impractical to continue to manufacture an Isotope based XRF. The one country in the world that continues to employ and use Isotope based XRF is in Canada. To help address this Northern ANI is offering a special discount promotion to assist those clients that still use Isotope based XRF systems to Trade Up to modern XRF technology. Before you repair, replace or add new instruments to your fleet please allow us an opportunity to showcase the dramatic contrast between new and old XRF systems.

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XRF for Mining

Northern ANI recognizes some of the challenges the Mining and Exploration Industry has been facing in 2014. Prime factors contributing to the current downturn include higher mine operating and capital costs, lower ore grades, uncertain demand for commodities and investor discontent. This has all led to reduced budgets, financial hardship and fewer project field work. However, the following quote from the Financial Post  sums up a key point: “If you don’t do anything, there’s no news and you’re not giving the market what it needs,” said Bill Fisher, executive chairman of GoldQuest Mining Corp. and former chairman of market darling Aurelian Resources Inc. “To survive it, you just have to keep active.” With this in mind Northern ANI would like to help mining and exploration companies by offering special discount pricing on our mining and exploration equipment to assist companies with tight budgets to continue to develop project data and survive the downturn. Please allow us an opportunity to showcase some of our products, applications and case studies to understand how other Mineral Exploration companies are leveraging our tools in these challenging times.

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Lowest Price Guarantee

Comparing our products against our competitors? We’ll guarantee the lowest price, from anyone else in the world.

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Trade in Alpha/Omega Against Purchase of New Equipment

Have an old Alpha or Omega Instrument? Looking to upgrade? We will be happy to take old equipment out of your hands and replace it with more efficient and effective, up-to-date technology.

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