Northern ANI provides a customized and professional approach to sales, rentals and leasing. Please allow our experienced team an opportunity to showcase, demonstrate and apply our knowledge to your analytical requirements through the highest level of quality in our products, people and services. Whether your question is about a new instrument, a rental, or an application you will quickly be directed to someone who can select the most appropriate, high quality solution at the most economical price. Northern ANI offers the most advanced Industry Leading Products, the largest and most advanced Rental Fleet available, with an attractive Rent-to-Own program as well as Leasing and Financing options to suit any budget.

Northern ANI offers a range analyzers and ancillary equipment for short and long term rentals. Equipment rentals are available from our offices for use anywhere in the world. Our extensive inventory of rental equipment offers a cost-effective solution for projects that cannot justify equipment procurement. Rental equipment can satisfy a number of requirements including: peak inspection times, special and unique applications, short term requirements, seasonal projects, product and application evaluations and in emergency situations. Whatever the reason, now you can call on Northern ANI for all your rental needs.

Customers will receive the newest and latest equipment loaded with the latest software that is calibrated for their applications. Customers can also rent equipment that they have used before and avoid the learning curve of our newer products. Customers can also be assured that the rental you receive is in the best possible condition, tested by the experts before being shipped to the customer. Customers no longer need to rent older lesser performing antiquated equipment from third party organization that cannot provide expertise in a given technology. Rent direct from Northern ANI and receive the technical expertise, latest high performance equipment that comes calibrated and ready to use from the industry experts.

In addition to our total solution oriented rental offerings customers can now apply their rental payments towards the purchase of new equipment. We have removed the risk and costs of analytical equipment utilization and procurement. Please contact Northern ANI for more details.

Benefits To Renting With Northern ANI:

  • Largest Analytical Rental Fleet Available World Wide
  • Domestic And International Rentals
  • Short Term Project: Why Buy When You Can Rent?
  • The Latest Technology And Performance
  • Legacy Products Also Available
  • Top Brand At The Best Prices
  • Instruments Calibrated To Project Needs
  • Tax Deductible Rental Cost
  • Migrate Instrument Costs From Capital Purchase To Operating Expense
  • Qualify For Flow Through Capital Requirements
  • No Capital Outlay
  • Flexible Terms And Rental Plans
  • No Depreciating Assets
  • Rent When You Need It And Avoid Unused Instruments Sitting Idle
  • Rent To Own Program: Credit Your Rental Payments Against Purchase
  • Rent To Evaluate Products, Application And Utilization
  • Remove Risk And Costs Of Procurement