Northern ANI provides a customized and professional approach to sales, rentals and leasing. Please allow our experienced team an opportunity to showcase, demonstrate and apply our knowledge to your analytical requirements through the highest level of quality in our products, people and services. Whether your question is about a new instrument, a rental, or an application you will quickly be directed to someone who can select the most appropriate, high quality solution at the most economical price. Northern ANI offers the most advanced Industry Leading Products, the largest and most advanced Rental Fleet available, with an attractive Rent-to-Own program as well as Leasing and Financing options to suit any budget.

Equipment Procurement with Northern ANI

Northern ANI’s number one goal is to create long term value for our customers. Having worked closely and extensively with small to large industry groups, government agencies and academia Northern ANI has developed an advanced skill set to identify and create value for our clients.

Creating value typically starts with educating our customers on a particular technology and then developing and advancing product utilization and applications to improve specific business metrics. Our underlying principle to achieve this goal is to sell and implement through proper educational methods. In addition Northern ANI has experience with thousands of applications and installations worldwide that provide us with extensive experience and an application data base to optimize your solution.

It is easy for customers that are new to this type of equipment and applications to be pointed in the wrong direction or misled. Typically this can occur based on performance, analytical suitability and price. Do not make purchasing decisions based on brochures, basic quotations or salespersons. Successful procurement and successful product implementation involves a number of steps. Northern ANI and our customers should work closely together to ensure that the best possible choices are executed to ensure the greatest value is gained for their investment. Having a good core knowledge of the technology and it’s relevant applications will help our customers make the best possible choices.

Please allow Northern ANI an opportunity to walk you through a successful procurement process.

We recommend that potential customers participate in our equipment/application training courses prior to procurement. Be an educated buyer and user. Completion of due diligence will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

In addition to our education style procurement process Northern ANI brings further value by providing the widest range of products in our product portfolio that vary in price and performance to meet and exceed your analytical requirements. In certain circumstances you do not require the top of the line instrument to achieve your analytical goals. In other circumstances having the most advanced equipment will add overall value to your applications. Please allow us an opportunity to evaluate and recommend the most suitable products and solutions for your applications. In most cases we will present you with a number of options and the underlying justifications for one product solution over another.

Northern ANI also complements our product portfolio and education solutions with a number of alternative services that will optimize your equipment utilization. This includes leasing, financing, rentals, consulting and testing services. Please contact us to learn more.