Support & Repair

Global Equipment Support:

Our network of technical salespeople, application specialists and factory technicians who specialize in your analytical instrumentation and applications are here to answer any questions or concerns, understand your analytical challenges and provide you with the best economical analytical solutions to satisfy your requirements.

Northern ANI provides the very best technical support and service for your analytical equipment.

Our specialists and the wide range of available service centers shows that we are committed to helping and supporting customers throughout the life cycle of their equipment. Our Analytical Product Line is supported globally by an experienced team of Application Specialists and Technicians who are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure equipment is always in top working order. Factory direct service provides our customers with the confidence they need in order to procure and use our industry leading testing solutions to their fullest advantage. Rest assured that Northern ANI is always here to help.

Factory Direct Equipment Service:

Northern ANI is proud to present factory direct equipment support and service solutions to our customers.

The professionally staffed factory direct service centers can repair, calibrate or upgrade your analytical equipment in the most cost effective and timely manner possible. Factory direct service means that you get the highest quality support, parts and service experience that meets quality factory specifications when and where you need it. There is no mark up on parts and labor through third parties service facilities. There is no lack of parts in the service facility. There is no lack of technicians with equipment experience and competency to delay your instrument service. There are no added overhead costs to cover through increase expense to the end user.

Having factory direct service means you get the highest quality of service at the best price and at the quickest rate possible. There are no delays from using factory direct service. Our staff is here to ensure that the equipment service process is stream lined and as simple as possible. We ensure that your equipment has a seamless delivery, cost effective service and timely equipment return.

Don’t be fooled by competitors undermining the value of factory direct service. They are simply trying to generate revenue from their own service facilities at your expense.

Factory direct service results in significant added value to our superior suite of analytical equipment by having it backed by the best direct manufacturer service in the industry.

Service Plans and Extended Warranties:

In addition to our high quality factory direct service Northern ANI offers a range of service plans and extended warranties. Our products are already backed by the longest warranty plans in the business but these can also be extended for further coverage. Please contact your regional manager to learn more about our extended warranty and preventative maintenance service plans.

In the rare event you are experiencing an issue with your equipment or just have questions please contact Northern ANI and we will assist you through the service process.

Service Centers Contact Information

Olympus Products Service Center


ASD Products Service Center

+1.303.444-6522 x3

SciAps Products Service Center


Defiant Products Service Center