Training & Certification

Northern ANI provides complete professional training services dedicated to meeting the unique and specific needs of our customers. Our Professional Training Services deliver an innovative approach to equipment training, safety training, application training and compliance training for any industry application. Our integrated approach to training helps clients realize tremendous savings through equipment optimization and satisfaction. All of our training courses offer a practical approach and a hands-on, easy to learn, program. Our certified instructors are able to provide certified training at your job-site, at your office, at one of our training centers or anywhere in the world you may require it.

Understand & Unlock the Full Potential of Analytical Instrumentation

Lunch and Learn (1hr)

Allow Northern ANI to buy your team lunch and educate and introduce you to the basics of analytical instrumentation. Please contact us for more information and date selection.

Introductory Lecture 1-2 hrs)

This session provides an over-view of the fundamentals of analytical instrumentation and the unlimited potential for application across many industries. Scope of lectures can vary based on application and interest.

Suitable for industry organizations, academic institutions, students & faculty and general interest groups who want to learn about the basics of analytical instrumentation and receive an introduction to current applications and technology.

Please feel free to request a lecture and we can customize materials to suit your interests.

Instrument Training (4hrs)

Training specific to a particular instrument or configuration of instruments. This is included with the purchase of any
analytical equipment and is designed to assist with the initial installation of analytical systems.

XPLORER Workshop - Using Your XRF with GPS/GIS Programs (8hrs)

This session covers the integration of Field-Portable XRF Instrumentation with GPS/GIS systems and technology. Participants will be introduced to basic theory in the classroom followed by in-field data collection, mapping and integration with GIS Programs.

NRCan XRF Operator Certification Training Sessions

1. Initial Certification (5hrs)

The fundamentals of XRF, Safety and Hands-On practice provide the basis for this session.

This session is designed to comply with Canadian Regulations but also provides a great starting point for any person or company wishing to employ XRF technology into their business.

Health Canada requires that any person wishing to possess or operate an open-beam x-ray emitting device within Canada must be certified with Natural Resources Canada – NDT Certifying Agency.

This session is a required to obtain XRF Operator Certification with the NDT Certifying Agency.

2. Renewals (4hrs)

Review of XRF Operation, Safety and current technology.

XRF Operator Certification Training specific to Level II Certified Operators who have held their certification for 3 years and need to attend training for Renewal of their Certification.

This session is required to renew XRF Operator Certification Level II at 3 years.

3. Re-Certification (5hrs)

Review of XRF Operation, Safety and Current Technology.

XRF Operator Certification Training specific to those Certified Operators who have held their certification for 6 years and need to attend training for Re-Certification.

This session is required to extend XRF Operator Certification for an additional 6 years.

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Certified Personnel

Northern ANI NRCan training courses are offered to everyone in Canada who work with XRF technology. Whether you are working with Olympus XRF Handheld Analyzers, Niton XRF Handheld Analyzers, Oxford Handheld Analyzers or Bruker XRF Handheld Analyzers, the NRCan course is designed to facilitate optimal efficiency, safe operation and achieve the highest ROI.

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Compliance Workshop (8hrs)

A workshop designed to assist in the development of a Radiation Safety and Compliance Program for the use and implementation of XRF instrumentation. This workshop is highly recommended for any person taking on the role of RSO and/or administering an XRF program.

On-Site Training

Training and workshops are available On-Site. If required you may bring the facilitator to your project, exploration property and/or other remote location to provide any of the above listed sessions and/or workshops.